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    THE eighty-first Annual Exhibition of International Photography by the Royal Photographic Society was opened on September 11. It will remain open daily (Sundays excepted) from 10 a.m. until 9 p.m. (Tuesdays and Fridays exceptedlecture evenings when it will be closed at 6 p.m.) until Saturday, October 10. Pictorial photography occupies the principal galleries and, as usual, has attracted exhibitors from all over the world. Among the scientific exhibits are two infra-red photographs taken by A. W. Stevens and O. A. Anderson from about 69,780 feet above the ground over Central South Dakota on November 11, 1935. One of these is a vertical photograph, the other lateral. The latter is said to be the first photograph to show the division between the troposphere and the stratosphere. The horizon, 330 miles away from the camera, is clearly arched. The trade sections, though not extensive, are well worth inspection. The emphasis among apparatus is upon the miniature cameras. Instructional exhibits include explanations of the working of the Pola screens and of the Kodachrome process, the effects of varying the filter in making photomicrographs of stained sections and the troubles that may arise through mishandling photographic materials.

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