Prof. P. H. Stroobant

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    WE record with regret the death at the age of sixty-eight years, after a painful illness, of Prof. Paul Henri Stroobant, honorary director of the Royal Observatory of Belgium at Uccle. Prof. Stroobant had only recently retired from the directorship of the Observatory which, in May 1935, had celebrated the hundredth anniversary of its foundation. On the occasion of the centenary celebrations, which were honoured by the presence of King Leopold and attended by many foreign delegates, the new equipment of the Observatory was open to inspection. This equipment includes an elaborate Ascania meridian circle of 19 cm. aperture; a Cooke-Zeiss equatorial of 45 cm. aperture and 7 m. focal length, with micrometer; a double Zeiss astrograph, each telescope having quadruplet lenses of 40 cm. aperture and 2 m. focal length, covering a field of 72 square degrees; a Zeiss astrographic triplet of 30 cm. aperture and 1-5 m. focal length, covering a field of 81 square degrees; a 7° objective prism; a Zeiss reflector of 100 cm. aperture, equipped with two spectrographs; and also comparators and measuring machines. The modernization and reorganization of the Observatory was Prof. Stroobant's chief work as director, to which post he was appointed on May 1, 1925. He had previously been, since 1904, professor of astronomy in the University of Brussels.

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