A Method of Illustration for Zoological Papers

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    ALTHOUGH SO much illustration of scientific papers is now performed by photographic methods there are still many cases where the process fails, such as complicated anatomical subjects, or those that present difficult problems of lighting or where a semi-diagrammatic treatment is called for. These require a selection and emphasis of parts which can still only be done by hand. The comparative ease and accuracy of the’ photographic process has done much to kill many of the older forms of art. Lithography, which in the past has produced such magnificent work, is almost as much a thing of the past as the woodcuts of Bewick. But as handwork is not, and never can be, entirely superseded, the student and advanced worker will be glad of any help that will get him over the technical difficulties in making his drawings. Everyone should at least try to produce his own illustrations with his own hand.

    A Method of Illustration for Zoological Papers

    By H. Graham Cannon. Pp. x + 36. (London: Association of British Zoologists, 1936.) To Members, 2s 6d.; to non-Members, 3s.

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