Bacterial Epidemiology and Nutrition

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    A TEAM of statisticians and bacteriologists who for many years have been investigating experimentally the spread of epidemics of bacterial diseases caused by Bacterium aertrycke and Pasteurella muriseptica in herds of mice under controlled conditions, have now summarized the results of their published work with the addition of some new observations, including an account of epidemics of ectromelia, a virus disease of mice1.


    1. 1

      Medical Research Council. Special Report Series, No. 209: Experimental Epidemiology. By Dr. M. Greenwood, Dr. A. Bradford Hill, Dr. W. W. C. Topley and J. Wilson . Pp. 204. (London: H.M. Stationery Office, 1936.) 3s. 6d net.

    2. 2

      Medical Research Council. Special Report Series, No. 210: Bacterial Nutrition; Material for a Comparative Physiology of Bacteria. By B. C. J. G. Knight . Pp. 182. (London: H.M. Stationery Office, 1936.) 3s. net.

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    Bacterial Epidemiology and Nutrition. Nature 138, 474 (1936) doi:10.1038/138474a0

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