Forensic Medicine

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    THE Advisory Committee on the Scientific Investigation of Crime, under the chairmanship of Lord Trenchard, recently issued its report (London: H.M. Stationery Office, 1936. 2d. net), from which it would appear that the teaching of forensic medicine in London is in an extremely backward condition as compared with the teaching of that subject in most of the capitals of Europe, and well behind the standard set in Scotland. As the Committee points out, this is not confined to the restricted sphere of criminal investigation and police practice, but extends to the study of many problems connected with social medicine and to the whole question of medico-legal practice. The Committee recommends the establishment of a medico-legal institute which would act as a training centre for medico-legal experts and as a centre for special pathological research, and it also suggests that facilities should be given for courses of instruction for students of law, coroner3 and other persons who are associated with medico-legal work.

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