Mr. J. L. Hodgson

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    MR. JOHN L. HODGSON died on August 14 at his home near Leighton Buzzard, at the early age of fifty-five years. Born at Lincoln and receiving his technical training at Nottingham University College, he leaves a life record of very valuable work in the engineering world. On the practical side, he served with Messrs. William Walker, the Gedling Colliery, Yarrow and Co., where he was associated with the late. Sir Alfred Yarrow in research work on speed ships and destroyer design. About 1910 he was appointed to the staff of George Kent Ltd., of London, and became the technical adviser on all matters connected with the metering and control of air, gas and steam. It was he who designed the first Venturi air meters, which were installed by the Victoria Falls Power Co. He was also intimately concerned with the ventilation arrangements of the Mersey Tunnel. For one of his papers dealing with the use of the orifice for the measurement of fluid he was awarded the Telford Medal by the Institution of Civil Engineers.

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