A Journal of Marriage Hygiene and Birth Control

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    WITH the May issue (2, No. 4), Marriage Hygiene completes its second year. The objects of this quar terly journal are to secure for conjugal hygiene a proper place in preventive medicine, to publish scientific contributions treating marriage as a social and biological institution, and to promote and co ordinate contraceptive clinics and marriage con sultation centres in various parts of the globe. Each number contains notes and comments, original articles, reviews and abstracts of current literature. “The Positive Side of Birth Control” (E. B. Reuter), “Birth Prevention in France” (J. J. Spengler), and “Artificial Insemination” (H. Brewer) are some of the original articles in the present number. The yearly subscription for the volume of about five hundred pages is 18s. It is published from Kodak House, Bombay 1, India, the editor being A. P. Pillay. The London agents are Messrs. H. K. Lewis and Co., 136 Gower Street, W.C.I.

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