Seismology in New Zealand

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    THE report of Dr. C. E. Adams, Dominion As tronomer and Seismologist, for the year 1934 (Dept. Sci. Indus. Bes. Bull., No. 105) shows that the seismic activity of New Zealand was much greater during that year than in 1933, the number of earth quakes felt being 230, instead of 108. Of these, 158 were felt in the North Island only, 60 in the South Island only, and 12 in both islands. The most important shock was that of March 5 at 11.16 p.m. N.Z. time (11.46 a.m., G.M.T.). Its intensity in several parts of northern Wairarapa reached the degree 9 of the Rossi-Forel scale and chimneys fell over a wide area in the southern part of the North Island. The map that accompanies the paper shows that most of the epicentres lay in the extreme north of South Island and the southern half of North Island. Owing to the increased activity off the east coast of the latter island and to other changes that have been reported along the coast, it is strongly recommended that a detailed marine survey should be carried out of the whole east coast, including soundings in the seas to the east of New Zealand.

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