im Thurn Memorial Lecture, 1936

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    IN the recent lecture for 1936 on the foundation in memory of the late Sir Everard im Thurn, delivered at Edinburgh, Prof. J. L. Myres directed atten tion to the effect of changing outlook and develop ment in method of research on the broader philosophic principles, which underlay the work of im Thurn. To the study of primitive peoples he conjoined the application of its results to the practical problem of the approach to the primitive mind in administrative and other affairs. He realized that this problem was but the counterpart of any native's difficulty in understanding European ways. im Thurn, Prof. Myres pointed out, insisted on the significance of ‘character’ which, whatever the superficial changes in culture, continues to influence native reactions to ‘civilization’. This ‘civilization’ was defined as that in which “the prime motive of human action was the good of others or of one's whole race”. As regards character’ and ‘culture’ and their interaction, all grades between the individual completely disciplined by ‘culture’ and the man of genius can be discerned.

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