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    IT is announced that Dr. John Henry Hutton has been appointed a lecturer in the Faculty of Archaeo logy and Anthropology in the University of Cam bridge, for a period of three years as from October 1. When the intention to appoint a lecturer in this Faculty was notified in the course of last term, it was intimated that a special knowledge of the peoples of India would be a requirement. In this respect, Dr. Hutton's qualifications are beyond question. As a member of the Indian Civil Service, which he entered in 1909 after taking his degree at Worcester College, Oxford, Dr. Hutton has made a special study of the ethnography of the Nagas of Assam. Not only is he himself the author of two of the volumes in the series of monographs published under the auspices of the Government of Assam, one dealing with the Angami Nagas (1921) and the other with the Sema Nagas (1922), as well as a contributor of numerous papers on Naga culture to scientific periodicals, but he has also so stimulated and organized the researches of his colleagues that the hill tribes of Assam are now as well, or even better known to anthropological science than any other comparable population of India. When Dr. Hutton was seconded under the Government of India to take charge of the Census of India, 1931, it was generally felt that no more suitable selection could have been made. His introduction to the Report marked him as no unworthy successor to the late Sir Herbert Risley. However much opinions may differ as to the validity of the conclusions on the racial history of India at which Dr. Hutton arrived in that remarkable document, it cannot be denied that he has shown a notable breadth of out look in grasping the essentials of his problem in their archaeological and historical perspective, combined with a detailed knowledge of the multifarious facts, which is without rival in the Indian field.

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