British Regional Geology

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    IN the new Museum of the Geological Survey at South Kensington the exhibition of British geology has been arranged on the basis of a division of the country into eighteen districts, each of which forms a geological and geographical province of distinctive type. To each region a separate division of the main floor or first gallery has been assigned, and in order to render the exhibits more intelligible descriptive handbooks have been prepared to serve as guides. These handbooks, issued under the general title of “British Regional Geology”, also serve as com pendious summaries of local geology. Eleven have already been published and these are briefly noticed below.


    1. 1

      London and Thames Valley.” By R. L. Sherlock. Pp. 70 + 5 plates.

    2. 2

      The Wealden District.” By F. H. Edmunds. Pp. 85 + 13 plates.

    3. 3

      Bristol and Gloucester District.” By F. B. A. Welch and R. Crookall. Pp. 86 + 12 plates.

    4. 4

      South-West England”. By H. Dewey. Pp. 75 + 12 plates.

    5. 5

      The Welsh Borderland.” By R. W. Pocock and T. H. White-head. Pp. 81 + 11 plates.

    6. 6

      North Wales.” By B. Smith and T. N. George. Pp. 92 + 12 plates.

    7. 7

      The Pennines and Adjacent Areas.” By D. A. Wray. Pp. 87 + 11 plates.

    8. 8

      Northern England.” By T. Eastwood. Pp. 76 + 8 plates.

    9. 9

      The South of Scotland.” By J. Pringle. Pp. 97 + 7 plates.

    10. 10

      The Grampian Highlands.” By H. H. Read. Pp. 81 + 10 plates.

    11. 11

      Scotland: The Tertiary Volcanic Districts.” By J. E. Richey. Pp. 115 + 9 plates.

    12. 12

      London: H.M. Stationery Office. 1s. 6d. net each.

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