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Avon Biological Research


    THE annual report of the biological research which is being carried out on the River Avon at Southampton in association with the University College there gives an account of the varied lines of work pursued in the second year of this scheme (Southampton: University College. 2s. 6cL). The general condition of the coarse fish in the area is described, with a special note on the incidence of ‘black spot’ disease among them. Methods are being sought for checking the loss of fish in mill-races, in the flooding of water-meadows, and by poisoning from decaying masses of weed. The use of green light has been tried to deter fish from entering dangerous waters, as well as a revolving fish screen which automatically keeps itself free from debris. Preliminary experiments have been made on the hatching and rearing of salmon and trout under natural and artificial conditions, and the resulting yield and condition of young fish were determined. The work was seriously hampered throughout by the drought conditions of 1933-34.

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