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The Quetta Earthquake



    FEW details of scientific interest have as yet reached England from the Quetta district. Shocks of course continue to be felt, some of them strong enough to bring down walls left standing among the ruins. The destruction of Quetta City is almost complete. Landmarks of all kinds have disappeared, and the city is a widespread mass of debris. An official report gives the number of killed in it as 26,000 out of a population of 40,000. In addition to the towns of Kalat and Mastung, at least one hundred villages have been totally destroyed within a band 130 miles long and 20 miles wide, the number of killed in them being estimated as between 12,000 and 15,000, so that the total number of deaths is probably about 40,000. So impossible is it to excavate the dead bodies in Quetta City that all the survivors have been removed in fear of an outbreak of disease. The city has been surrounded by barbed-wire entanglements and will be protected by guards in order to save the property of survivors from marauding tribesmen; it is intended that the city shall remain so sealed for a whole year.

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