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    PARIS Academy of Sciences, April 24 (C.R., 200, 1445–1500). The president announced the death of Louis Jobin. PAUL LANGEVIN: Concerning an experiment suggested by M. Dufour. RICHARD FOSSE, PAUL DE GRAEVE and PAUL EMILE THOMAS: The identification of small quantities of formol. The method proposed is based on the insoluble compound formed with naphthol, namely, di-naphtholmethane. A precipitate is formed with 0-1 mgm. of formol at a dilution of 1/100,000. GEORGES CLAUDE: The campaign of the Tunisie. Louis LEGER and MLLE. MARCELLE GAUTHIER: The spore of the Harpellacese, parasitic fungi of insects. J. PRZYBOROWSKI and H. WILENSKI: The errors of thq first and second category in the verification of hypotheses concerning Poisson's law. STANISLAS GOLAB: Transformations by polar reciprocals in Finsler's geometry. PIERRE LEJAY and TSANG HUNG-Cm: The interpretation of the observations of the value of gravity carried out in the centre of China. The anomalies given in earlier communications are summarised in a chart. JEAN J. TRILLAT and HANS MOTZ: The errors of interpretation in electronic diagrams of organic substances. Doubt is thrown on results hitherto obtained with electronic analysis, on account of the ease with which the surfaces examined become covered with a greasy film. The conditions must be such that the possibility of formation of superficial fatty films is eliminated. PIERRE JOLIBOIS: A new experiment in electrolysis. RENE BARTHELEMY: Cathodic television with automatic synchronism. ROBERT BLONDEL and PAUL LAFFITTE: The constitution of the antimony-tin-zinc alloys. OMER LIEVIN and JEAN HERMAN: The autoxidation of the hydroxides of iron, manganese and cobalt. MME. MADELEINE DELEPINE-TARD: The bromo-dipyridine derivatives of iridium. MARCEL GODCHOT and MLLE. GERMAINE CAUQUIL: The action of organo-magnesium compounds on ethyl 1-aminocyclohexanecarbonate. RAYMOND PAUL: Methods of preparation of the a-alkylfuranes. MLLE. SIMONNE CAILLERE: The specific characters of bowlingite. From the chemical analysis, thermal analysis, and X-ray diagrams, it is concluded that bowlingite is a fibrous form of saponite, its chemical composition being between those of montmorillonites and chlorites. JEAN ORCEL and PIERRE FASTRE: The curves of dispersion of standards of reflecting power utilisable in the microscopic study of metallic minerals. MARCEL ROUBAULT: The chemico-mineralogical characters of the tertiary eruptive rocks of Kabylie de Collo (Department de Constan-tine, Algeria). ANDRE DUPARQUE: The petrographic characters of the Permian coals of the Belgian Congo. Both the macroscopic and microscopic characters of the Permian coals from the Belgian Congo correspond closely with those of the Westphalian bituminous coals. PIERRE GRASSE and MLLE. ALICE FAURE: The reproduction of the parabasal apparatus of Trichomonas cavice. MME. VERA DANTCHAKOFF: The factors determining the position of the gonads in the fowl.

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