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New Foreign Members of the Linnean Society


    THE four recently elected foreign members of the Linnean Society are all botanists. Dr. A. F. Blakeslee, assistant director in the Department of Genetics at the Carnegie Institution of Washington, is not only an outstanding geneticist but was also the discoverer of the phenomenon of heterothallism in the Mucorinese, which has had a most profound influence both on the study of fungi and on theories of sex. Prof. P. A. Dangeard, until lately professor of botany at the Sorbonne, is known chiefly as a mycologist and cytologist though he has covered a very wide field in botanical research: he has been responsible for Le Botaniste since 1889, contributing the whole of many of the volumes. Prof. G. Senn, director of the Botanical Institute at Basle, is a botanist of many-sided activities. At first mainly interested in algal flagellates, he turned his attention to the physiology of the plant cell, studying particularly the chromatophore. More recently he has written a valuable treatise on the botany of Theophrastus. He has also worked on alpine plants. Prof. C. Raunkiaer, formerly professor of botany at Copenhagen, has considerably influenced ecological thought by his work on growth forms. He has been chiefly interested in phytogeography, morphology, taxonomy and statistical methods. His papers have recently been translated into English under the title “The Life Forms of Plants and Statistical Plant Geography”.

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