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    AT the anniversary meeting of the Linnean Society of London held on May 24, the president, Dr. W. T. Caiman, delivered a presidential address, “The Meaning of Biological Classification”. The Linnean Gold Medal was presented to Sir David Prain, a past-president of the Society, in recognition of his services to botany. In making the presentation, Dr. Caiman mentioned that Sir David began his scientific work as a member of that great service which has produced so many eminent naturalists, the Indian Medical Service, that he became the head of Indian botany when he was superintendent of the Botanical Survey of India and of the Royal Botanical Gardens, Calcutta. When Sir David returned to England, he became director of the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, an office which he filled with conspicuous success until his retirement in 1922. But although his success as an administrator has been conspicuous, he has never forgotten that the business of a scientific man is scientific research, and his contributions to systematic botany, particularly that of the Indian Empire, are of a kind that would have gladdened the heart of Linnaeus himself. The following officers were elected for the year 1935-36: President, Dr. W. T. Caiman; Treasurer, Mr. Francis Druce; Secretaries, Mr. John Ramsbottom (botany), and Dr. Stanley Kemp (zoology). The new members of the Council are Dr. B. Barnes, Mr. D. J. Scourfield, Lieut.-Colonel R. B. Seymour Sewell, Mr. W. H. Wilkins and Dr. E. B. Worthington. The president announced that he had appointed the following vice-presidents: Prof. G. D. Hale Carpenter, Mr. Francis Druce, Dr. Margery Knight and Prof. Macgregor Skene.

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