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Prof. P. Lenard of the University of Heidelberg



    THE Physical Institute of the University of Heidelberg has recently, in honour of Prof. Lenard, been renamed the ‘Philipp Lenard-Institut’. A correspondent has sent us a cutting from the students' magazine of that University, giving Prof. Lenard's reply to the congratulations of the Heidelberg students on this occasion. The following is a translation of Prof. Lenard's reply, and we prefer to make no comment upon it:—“I am very grateful to the students of the University of Heidelberg for their congratulations on the renaming, by the Ministry, of the Institute which was built some years ago under my direction. I hope that the Institute may stand as a battle flag against the Asiatic Spirit in Science. Our Leader has eliminated this same spirit in politics and national economy-where it is known as Marxism. In natural science, however, with the over-emphasis of Einstein, it still holds sway. We must recognise that it is unworthy of a German,—and indeed only harmful to him-to be the intellectual follower of a Jew. Natural science properly so-called is of completely Aryan origin and Germans must to-day also find their own way out into the unknown. Heil, Hitler!”

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