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Scheme for Eradication of Cattle Tuberculosis

Nature volume 135, page 300 (23 February 1935) | Download Citation



THE Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries has issued a document describing ‘arrangements' made by the Ministry under Section 9 of the Milk Act, 1934, for promoting the establishment of cattle herds officially certified to be free from tuberculosis. Any owner who has taken steps to eradicate the disease from his herd, and is a ‘registered producer’ under the Milk Marketing Scheme, is entitled to apply to the Ministry for an official test of his herd, providing no reactors were found in the herd at the last two tests made under certain conditions on the owner's behalf. If the owner satisfies the Ministry as to the management and conditions of herd and farm, and agrees to observe the regulations, an official tuberculin test of the herd will be made by the Ministry free of charge, and provided no reactors are found, the herd will be placed upon a ‘register of attested herds'. The scheme, which is a voluntary one, came into operation on February 1, and owners who desire to avail themselves of it should communicate with the Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Whitehall Place, London, S.W.I. One advantage of attestation is that the owner will be entitled to a bonus of Id. per gallon for all milk sold under the marketing scheme of the Milk Marketing Board.

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