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Gradual Decrease of Game in Reserved Forests

Nature volume 135, page 179 (02 February 1935) | Download Citation



IN the earlier part of his article, Mr. Champion gives as his definite conclusion that “taken as a whole the head of game shot recently has generally shown no marked decrease, except in the mountain reserved forests, where control is not so easy”, and again “the impression of senior forest officers is that … the game in the United Provinces Reserved Forests as a whole has not markedly decreased during the last 25 years, except in the high hill forests”. But before concluding his article he reconsiders the matter, and the result is by no means so encouraging: “I am not so certain as I was that the head of game inside the United Provinces Reserved Forests is not decreasing.… Although still a good place for animals in 1931,1 would estimate that there had been at least a 25 per cent decrease in nearly all species during the previous decade.“The decrease he puts down to the ease with which shooting can now be prosecuted owing to motor cars, and the destruction of game in areas outside the forests, which results in a smaller influx into the forests, and along with this the greater damage done to animals straying from the forests. Although the position in the reserved forests is not so serious as in outlying areas, it appears to have definitely deteriorated, and in view of this it is unfortunate that the earlier misleading statement was not deleted or modified before the article appeared in print.

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