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The Quetta Earthquake



    A CORRESPONDENT of The Times (June 24) gives some interesting details about the great earthquake of May 31. The zone of destruction extends from Surab in Kalat State to a few miles north of Quetta. Its length is 130 miles and its width 15-20 miles. Even within this area, its effects were variable. In some parts, they spread over the whole width; in others, they were confined to a narrow line, some villages being untouched, while others were destroyed. Quetta lies in an upland valley, 5,500 ft. above the sea, in which earthquakes are rather frequent. The recent shock, however, differed from its predecessors. Though the loss of life was much greater, road and rail communications were not damaged, trees, lampposts and most of the telegraph poles remained standing, and electric current was available from the first hour of the shock. The great destruction in Quetta City is traced to the poor quality of the buildings, the erection of earthquake-proof houses having been generally neglected. In the areas of excessive damage, the few buildings that were earthquake-proof remained intact, and not even their chimneys fell.

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