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The Men of the Trees


    THE tenth annual report of the Society of the Men of the Trees reviews the work of the past year, which has shown an increased membership of the Society, inaugurated by Mr. St. Barbe Baker. The work of the year has included lectures, meetings and exhibitions. Of the latter, the chief was the International Picture Exhibition, held at Grosvenor House, Park Lane, London, throughout November. Thirty-seven countries assisted the exhibition by sending tree paintings by some of their foremost living artists, and also treasures from the national collections. Several addresses were delivered at meetings by Ambassadors and Ministers accredited to Great Britain. The opening address was given by Field Marshal Viscount Allenby, who dwelt upon the importance of forestry and tree-planting in Great Britain to make good the wastage of the late War. Lord Allenby, even before the War was over in Palestine, had started to restore the land by tree-planting, a commencement which inspired the Men of the Trees to carry on the work. Before opening the exhibition, Lady Georgiana Mure pointed out that forestry and the care of trees is a world-wide thing and that we can “meet our friends from Overseas on a common ground of good fellowship, occasioned by the mutual admiration and love of the countryside and its chief ornament, trees”. Mr. Baker directed attention to the advantage from an aesthetic point of view, as well as the hygienic and economic, of planting up the slagheaps in the Black Country of England, and stated that a part of the proceeds from the exhibition was to be devoted to that object.

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