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R.A.F Big Flying Boat

    Naturevolume 135page1028 (1935) | Download Citation



    THE performance figures of the Saraband built by Short Brothers of Rochester for the R.A.F., just divulged for the first time although the machine was built in 1932, show that it is by far the largest flying boat in the R.A.F. equipment, and is more powerful than even the German D.O.X. Its engines total 5,500 horse-power, maximum speed 150 miles an hour, climb 750 ft. a minute, with an air range of 1,450 miles, with full load. In this respect it is worth remembering that many countries make a practice of reporting performance trials with specially lightened loads. The machine has a wing span of 120 ft. and is 90 ft. long. It carries a military load of 5,960 lb., which includes an automatic pilot, the usual machine guns, and a 1J in. automatic quick firer. The hull is a self-contained unit, containing sleeping accommodation for the crew, a workshop, a ward room, a drying compartment, an anchor winch, and gear for changing engines afloat. It is built entirely of steel and duralumin, and the hull design incorporates many novel structural features. A civil flying boat of the same size was under construction at the same time, but was stopped for reasons of economy.

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