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Augusta Treverorum

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    EXCAVATIONS in the Altbach Valley, near Treves, on the site of the Roman city of Augusta Treverorum, which had been intermitted for a period owing to a lack of funds, are now to be resumed under the continued direction of Prof. Loeschke. The excavation of an area which is so rich in antiquities as to have been termed the German Delphi has now been in progress for ten years. In addition to an amphi theatre which ranks among the most remarkable monuments of Roman antiquity, the site has revealed a wealth of archaeological material covering a period extending from the stone age to the middle ages, as well as settlements which range from prehistoric to late Roman and Frankish times. The large number of shrines, altars and other cult objects which have been found indicate that this area was held in special veneration from very early times and continued to be an important centre of pagan religious worship down to the conversion of the Empire to Christianity. According to a dispatch in the Times of November 16, it is proposed to transform the area into a vast open-air museum, containing reconstructions of the most important monuments of each period. This is to form an integral part of the town-plan of Trier, and will be approached by a Via Archseologica running through the city and embodying in its course the most important of the city monuments, such as the cathedral and the palace of the Electors. This plan will take ten years to complete.

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