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    Holland's Oxy-Hydrogen Microscope The Times on November 20, 1834, announced that “Mr. Holland's very entertaining and very scientific exhibition is reopened this day for the season. We were present at a private view last night of the wonders which it presents to the eye. It has under gone many improvements since it was before open to the public, and may, we believe, now be considered what its proprietor states it to be, the largest, most powerful and most distinct microscope in the world. The disc contains 254 square feet and the objects, both animate and inanimate, are variously magnified from a power of 9,000 to a power of 2,624,400 times their actual dimensions. … Among the most curious phenomena presented to the eye are the aquatic larvae, in some of which, so pellucid is the whole internal structure, that the intestinal canal ¢ and the peristaltic motion are clearly perceptible.…”

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