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Geology in Great Britain

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    PART I of the “Summary of Progress of the Geological Survey of Great Britain” for 19311 contains the usual annual reports of the Geological Survey Board and of the Director and gives par ticulars of routine work carried out during the year under review. Fifty-four maps were issued, together with four English and two Scottish memoirs, all of which have already been noticed in our columns (NATURE, 131, 370-372; 1933). Part 22 contains a series of papers on subjects of special interest. The Carboniferous system receives particular attention, D. A. Wray dealing with the Yorkshire Coal Measures and S. W. Hester with the Millstone Grits of North Staffordshire, while Stanley Smith, R. Crookall and W. S. Bisat discuss palseontological problems. C. B. Wedd contributes notes on the Ordovician of Mont gomeryshire and an important study of Palaeozoic an 5 later tectonic structures between the Longmynd and the Berwyns. Three new species of Old Red Sandstone fishes are described by D. M. S. Watson. Petrology is represented by two highly interesting papers: one by Sir John Flett on the Stankards Sill, a teschenite-picrite intrusion in which differentiation was accomplished either before or during intrusion; the other by A. G. MacGregor and W. Q. Kennedy on the Morvern-Strontian ‘granite’, a complex of the appinite-lamprophyre suite followed by tonalites, granodiorites and biotite-granite.


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    5. 5

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    6. 6

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    7. 7

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    8. 8

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    9. 9

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    11. 11

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    12. 12

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