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    PARIS Academy of Sciences, October 8 (CM., 199, 649-688).—MAURICE D'OCAGNE: A singular traditional heresy concerning the theory of the endless screw. PAUL MONTEL: Some limitations for the moduli of the zeros of polynomials. DAVID WOLKOWITSCH: A purely geometrical study of Painvin's complex. G. POLY A: Some theorems analogous with Rolle's theorem, connected with certain linear partial differential equations. PIERRE HUMBERT:—The symbolical calculus with two variables. ALEXANDRE GHIKA: Series of harmonic functions. MICHEL LUNTZ: The movement of a perfect fluid round a deformable contour. THEODORE IONESCTJ and MLLE. IONICA CERKEZ: An ionised gas rectifier for alternat ing currents of medium voltage in the magnetic field. ROBERT CORDONNIER: The circular magnetic di-chroism of solutions of cuprammonium hydrate and of the corresponding salts (nitrate and sulphate). JAMES BASSET and MAURICE DODE: The direct oxidation of iodine and iodides at ultra-pressures. At the optimum temperature (300° C.) with mixtures of oxygen (33 per cent) and nitrogen and at a pressure of 3,600 kgm./cm.2 only 2 per cent of iodine pentoxide is formed by the direct oxidation of iodine. With potassium iodide the oxidation is more complete, 40 per cent of potassium iodate being formed at 410° C. MLLE. MARTHE MONTAGNE: The constitution and properties of the ketoanils. Louis CHASSEVENT: The formation of definite crystallised compounds at the commencement of the hardening of siliceous cements. Examination by X-rays leads to the con clusion that in the reaction between colloidal silica and solution of lime there is a definite crystallised compound, hydrated monocalcium silicate. ALBERT DEMOLON and E. BASTISSE: The dispersion of the clay colloids of soils and of sediments. LEON BERT-RAND and PAUL GOBY: The Trias and Infralias of the neighbourhood of Grasse and of Bar. JOSUE HOFFET: The structure of the western Haut-Laos. G. KEMPP and J. P. ROTHE: The existing phenomena of nivation and accumulation of snow in the Hautes-Vosges. BERNARD TROUVELOT, MARC RAUCOURT and JEAN CASTETS: Remarks on the mode of physio logical action of the active principles of Solanum tuberosum toward the larvae of Leptinotarsa decem-lineata. JEAN LOISELEUR: The chemical phenomena which accompany the resorption of irradiated tissue.

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