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Solid Products of Carbonisation of Coal

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DURING the last fifteen years, a flood of publi cations on the properties of cokes has appeared, much of it scientifically interesting, but uncorrelated with industrial practice. When large-scale processes, for example, the blast furnace, are in question, this is understandable, for conditions are complex and often elude experimental control. Although such difficulties are less evident with small-scale opera tions, such as the open and closed domestic fires, there is no large volume of published careful experi mental work about them. Nevertheless, these publi cations have shown that the behaviour of a fuel in an open grate can be related to its properties ascer-tainable in the laboratory. Now a brochure issued by the South Metropolitan Gas Co. reveals that its chemical staff has been studying this subject for a decade past. It is a comprehensive monograph dis closing a considerable body of work which is, in a large measure, parallel in scope and conclusions with previously published results. The experimental methods used, some of which are novel, will interest students of coke.


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