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Early Man in East Africa: Further Investigation

    Naturevolume 134page730 (1934) | Download Citation



    NOTWITHSTANDING the close and expert scrutiny to which Dr. L. S. B. Leakey's evidence for the early occurrence of man in Kenya has been subjected, the far-reaching effect of the conclusions to which it leads make it eminently desirable that no means of verifying and substantiating the data should be neglected. The geological evidence of deposits in Kenya, where volcanic action has been marked, has proved notoriously difficult of interpretation; and the announcement is, therefore, welcome that Prof. P. G. H. Boswell, of the Imperial College of Science, whose views on the interpretation of deposits with which relics of early man are likely to be associated carry considerable weight, is to proceed to Kenya for the purpose of investigating with Dr. Leakey the conditions of the discovery of relics of early man in East Africa. Prof. Boswell will leave London during the current month and he and Dr. Leakey will be joined in Kenya by Mr. E. J. Wayland, director of the Geological Survey of Uganda, who is at present home on leave. Mr. Wayland's extensive studies of the prehistory of man in Uganda, as well as his knowledge of geological conditions in Kenya and Tanganyika, will be of invaluable assistance in arriving at what, it may be hoped, will be final and decisive verdicts on the important questions which have given rise to controversy.

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