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Medal Awards of the Royal Society

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    THE following is a list of those to whom the Royal Society has this year awarded medals. The awards of the Royal medals have received the King's gracious approval: Copley Medal to Prof. J. S. Haldane in recognition of his discoveries in human physiology and of their application to medicine, mining, diving and engineering; Rumford Medal to Prof. W. J. de Haas for his researches on the properties of bodies at low temperatures, and, in particular, for his recent work on cooling by the use of adiabatic demagnetisa tion; A Royal Medal to Prof. S. Chapman for his researches in kinetic theory of gases, in terrestrial magnetism and in the phenomena of the upper atmosphere; A Royal Medal to Prof. E. D. Adrian for his work on the physiology of nerve and its application to the problems of sensation; Davy Medal to Prof. W. N. Haworth for his researches on the molecular structure of carbohydrates; Darwin Medal to Prof. A. C. Seward in recognition of his work as a palseobotanist; Sylvester Medal to Earl Russell for his distinguished work on the foundations of mathematics; Hughes Medal to Prof. K. M. G. Siegbahn in recognition of his work as a physicist and technician on long-wave X-rays.

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