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Proposed Museum at Verulamium

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    THE City Council of St. Albans is preparing plans and proposes to seek powers for raising £15,000 for the erection of a museum on the site of the Romano-British city of Verulamium. The museum will be devoted to housing the valuable collection of antiqui ties found on the site during its recent excavation by Dr. and Mrs. Mortimer Wheeler. The proposal of the Council is a fitting sequel to its enlightened action whereby the excavation, which has proved so fruitful in results, was made possible. Not only has the importance of Verulamium as a centre of Romano-British life and culture been fully confirmed by increased knowledge, but also it is now possible to appreciate more justly the significance and influence of this centre in relation to the rest of the peoples of pre-Roman Britain. The value of the collections to the student will be vastly enhanced by the opportunity the building will afford for the proper display of these antiquities without the distraction of other exhibits by their side; while the effect of such a display as a unitary collection in the midst of its native setting will be to enhance both its historical and its cultural value. The Council is wisely con sulting Dr. Mortimer Wheeler before deciding on the exact site of the museum in order to avoid the possi bility of interference with any future exploration.

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