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PARIS Academy of Sciences, July 2 (C.R., 199, 1-104).—A. LACBOIX: New observations on the distribution of tectites in Indo-China and in the neighbouring countries. GIUSEPPB SANABELLI was elected Corres-pondant for the Section of Medicine and Surgery in succession to the late J. Cantacuzene. BEBTBAND GAMBIEB: Tetrahedra inscribed in a S quadric and with edges tangent to a quadric S. POTOTZKI: The determination of complexes all the congruences of which are W. A. ROSENBLATT: The application of Picard's method of successive approximations to the study of certain partial differential equations of the parabolic type with two independent variables. LEON MOTCHANE: The distribution of the points of continuity of a function of n variables continuous with respect to each of them. V. NIEMYTSKI: Unstable dynamical systems. HEIN-BICH HILMY: Movements stable in the Poisson sense and the recurrent movements of a dynamical system. BEBNABD KWAL: The tensorial fields which accompany Dirac's electron: the theory of the neutrino and the antineutrino. JEAN PONTBEMOLI and MAX SEBBTJYS: The influence of anti-detonants on the velocity of combustion and the temperature of exhaust in internal combustion motors. ANDBE COUDEB: The compensation of double refraction in astronomical objectives. Discussion of the effects produced in telescope objectives by double refraction due to insufficient annealing. The use of a compensator consisting of a plate of Iceland spar is suggested. Results of experiments made with the large equatorial at the Strasbourg Observatory are given, showing the value of the compensator. J. GAUZIT: The ultra-violet extremity of the spectrum of the night sky. One interesting result obtained was the presence of emission lines in the region of the large absorption band of atmospheric ozone: work in confirmation of this is in hand. FEBNAND BALDET: The continuous spectrum of comets. A. POBTEVIN and D. SEFEBIAN: Experimental study of the thermal state during autogenous welding. MLLE. N. CHOUCBOTJN: The superficial electric moments in the interior of a liquid. JAMES BASSET: The influence of pressure on the electrical resistance of a rod of impure zirconium oxide in air. At constant temperature, the resistance of the zirconia rod increases with the pressure. In air at 900° C. a rod having a resistance of 4,500 ohms under atmospheric pressure alters to more than a million ohms under 4,000 kgm./cm.2. LEON BLOCK, EUGENE BLOCH and PIEBBE LACBOUTE: The analysis of the first spark spectrum of bromine. JEAN BOTJCHABD: The influence of viscosity on the decrease of the fluorescent power of solutions of certain colouring materials as a function of the concentration. G. MONOD-HEBZEN: The energy of linkage, the mass of the neutron and the grouping of atomic nuclei. WALTEB M. ELSASSEB: The linkage energies in the radioactive families of uranium-radium and thorium. JEAN PEBBEU: The heat of crystallisation of hydrated salts in slightly supersaturated solution. JEAN AMIEL: The preparation and explosion temperature of some complex compounds of copper chlorates with the primary amines. PIEBBE JOLI-BOIS: The chemical reactions in different parts of a tube containing rarefied gas. MABCEL MATHIEU: The study by Rontgen rays of the fixation of acetone by nitrocellulose. In the experimental arrangement, the effect of the absorption of acetone on the nitrocellulose could be studied continuously. At no stage was there any indication of the formation of a definite compound. The sudden disappearance of the crystalline structure defined the formation of a gel. MAURICE BILLY and MARC ANTOINE FOEX: Mineral precipitations in glasses. Investigations with alkaline glasses (silicate, borate, phosphate) with copper, gold, silver and other metals. MARCEL BALLAY: The preparation of brilliant electrolytic deposits of nickel in the presence of colloids. WENLI YEH: The frequency of the number of isotopes of the chemical elements. The author shows that elements of odd atomic number should have a smaller number of isotopes than either of the neighbouring elements, and deduces that argon should have three isotopes instead of two, chlorine should have only two isotopes and palladium should have three isotopes instead of one. T. KARANTASSIS and L. CAPATOS: Some complex compounds of germanous bromide with caesium bromide and with the bromides of organic bases. LEON PIATJX: The influence of various radicals on the characteristic frequency of the ethylene linkage in cyclopentehe derivatives. C. V. GHEORGHIU: The mechanism of the ionic dissociation of 2-thio-4-oxytetrahydroquinazoline derivatives and the corresponding oxygen derivatives. GEORGES RICHARD: The action of potassium cyanide on an a-chlorketone. By an abnormal reaction an ethylene oxide derivative is produced. ANDRE A. POLICARD: The constitution and absorption in the ultra-violet of the ethyl diphenylmuconates. CHARLES DUFRAISSE and JEAN LE BRAZ: Applications of the antioxygen effect to the problem of fire fighting. The extinction of flames.—L. DONCIEUX, R. PAVANS DE CECCATTY and M. SOLIGNAC: The presence of fragments of nummulitic limestone in certain Quaternary pebbles of the region of Medenine. G. SCHNEIDER: Conclusions drawn from some exact measurements of the yield of the thermal springs of Aix-les-Bains:—H. VATJTRIN: The orogenesis of the Hermon (Syria) massif. H. S. REED and T. FREMONT: The reactions of the FERNAND OBATON:—Some peculiarities of the root cells of Citrus to infection by the mycorrhiza. ANTOINE DE CUGNAC and FERNAND OBATON:—Some peculiarities of the floral biology of the floral biology of the Graminese. R. FAILLIE, R. JONNARD and H. VIAL DE SACHY:—The variation of the constriction of the pupil with illumination. PIERRE MOLLARET: Modifications of the chronaxies of antagonistic stimuli under the influence of local and contralateral posture in the dog. H. BORDIER: Some Some experimental results furnished by the heliochromometer. Applications to meteorology and to climatology. JEAN COURTOIS: The influence of the reaction of the medium on the hydrolysis of a and fi-glycerophosphoric acids by taka diastase. MME. ANDREE ROCHE and JOSEPH BRACCO:—Contribution to the study of the molecular weight of the globulins of blood serum. RADU CODREANTJ:—The relations between the development of Symbiocladius rithrogenae and the growth of its ephemeral host. FREDERIC DIENERT, PIERRE ETRILLARD and MME. MADELEINE LAMBERT: Research on bacteriophage in waters.

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