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Radiolympia 1934

Nature volume 134, page 294 (25 August 1934) | Download Citation



IF the charge be true, that tjie annual Radio Exhibition is increasingly a cabinet-maker's show, yet there is comfort in the disappearance of the worst excesses of the cabinet-maker. The standard of taste in the casing of sets has improved greatly; there are very pleasing modelseven a wireless set with a divan built into it is inoffensive. It is-certainly not a philologist's show; impressions from different stands may unite into a nightmare which asks whether an all-electric superhet with high note uplift should embody not. only a tweeter but also a Softie for the energised dynamic speaker, to eliminate woofiness! The physicist may let him self be soothed by an unqualified assurance that “If Blank is your aerial, even in the most exposed posi tion, there is nothing to fear. Blank is so well insu lated, so thoroughly protected that it is impossible for your set to receive a ‘direct hit the lightning simply cannot, get as far as the setyou and your home are perfectly safe from harm”. He will certainly be depressed by an offer to measurefor sixpencean undefined physical quantity (physical since it is read on a dial) called “It”.:

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