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    DUBLIN Royal Dublin Society, May 29. E. J. SHEEHY: Derangement of the digestive processes in the milk-fed calf, due to abnormal curd formation in the fourth stomach. The accumulation of dense curd in the fourth stomach which frequently causes ill-health and mortality among pail-fed calves may be successfully prevented and treated by the dilution of the milk diet with water. J. H. J. POOLE: A convenient method of measuring resistances of the order of 1012 ohms with a ballistic galvanometer. The rather obvious method of measuring the small current passing through the given resistance under a P.D. of a few hundred volts by means of a condenser and a ballistic galvanometer does not appear to be generally known. By allowing this current to charge the condenser for any convenient time, and then discharging it through the galvanometer, currents may be measured far below the limit of the same galvanometer for steady currents. Any well-insulated condenser will suit, since the P.D. across it never exceeds a fraction of a volt. This method, which allows very small currents to be measured with simple arid comparatively robust apparatus, would also appear to be well suited for use with photoelectric cells in certain cases. T. J. NOLAN, J. KEANE, M. CASSIDY, N. E. DOLAN: The chemical constituents of lichens found in Ireland (1). The lung lichen, Lobaria pulmonaria, collected in the Powerscourt Demesne, Co. Wicklow, was found to contain two constituents, a neutral substance which has been identified as d-arabitol, and a lichen acid to which the formula Ci8H14Ot is given. The acid contains one methoxyl group. T. J. NOLAN: The chemical constituents of lichens found in Ireland (2). The lichen Buellia canescens gathered in Killiney, Co. Dublin, is found to contain at least two materials. One of these is diploicin, previously found by Zopf in the same lichen. Diploicin contains chlorine, contains no methoxyl group, is not reduced by hydriodic acid, forms an acetate, and with alcoholic ammonia gives a product containing one nitrogen atom. The second product, m.p. 196° C., which was described by Zopf as atronorin, is not atronorin; it contains no methoxyl group. H. H. JEFFCOTT: The approximate determination of the vibration of beams and the whirling of shafts. Comparatively simple tabular and graphical methods have been worked out for finding by successive approximations the deflections of beams under moving and vibrating loads, including the effect of inertia and damping forces. Similar methods are used for finding the whirling speeds of shafts. Report of the Irish Radium Committee for the year 1933: The report includes detailed statements submitted by some of the largest users of radon supplied by the Committee, giving particulars of the treatment of 466 cases of disease, both malignant and non-malignant, during the year 1933.

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