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    AMONG the pamphlets recently received from the British Drug Houses, Ltd., London, N.I, is a series describing their vitamin products, Radiostol, Radio-stoleum and Radio-Malt. It is pointed out that the proof that pure vitamin D (calciferol) cures human rickets has recently been furnished by the work of J. C. Spence (Lancet, 911, Oct. 21, 1933). This investigation forms the concluding chapter of the series, which began with the discovery of vitamin D, and includes the discovery of the effect of ultraviolet light upon ergosterol and the final isolation of the vitamin in the pure state. Another compound which has recently found a use in clinical medicine is glycine or amino-acetic acid. It is employed in large doses by the mouth in certain diseases of the muscles, since there is evidence of a disturbance of the metabolism of creatine and creatinine in these conditions, and it is now known that creatine plays an important part in muscular contraction in the form of phosphagen or creatine-phosphoric acid. Glycine B.D.H. is a white crystalline substance with a sweetish taste readily soluble in water; up to 30 gm. can be taken daily with safety. In some of these cases greater improvement is observed if ephedrine is also given.

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