L Absorption Spectra in the Very Soft X-Ray Region


THE LIII absorption edges of aluminium and magnesium have been measured. Since the continuous X-ray spectrum in this region (above 100 A.) is very feeble, I have used optical spark spectra from elements giving spectra rich in lines. As source for the spectra reproduced in Fig. 1 a spark between copper electrodes was used. The apparatus was a concave grating spectrograph with a glass grating, ruled at this laboratory, of radius 1 m., 288 lines per mm.


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    Kruger and Copper, Phys. Rev., 44, 826; 1933.

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SANNER, V. L Absorption Spectra in the Very Soft X-Ray Region. Nature 134, 100 (1934). https://doi.org/10.1038/134100a0

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