Cattle Diseases and Milk Production


    TOWARDS the end of 1932, a committee of the Economic Advisory Council was appointed by the Prime Minister to formulate measures to reduce disease among milch cows in Great Britain, for reducing bovine tuberculosis and for improving the milk supply, and to report upon any administrative changes that may be desirable. The report of this Committee, presided over by Sir Frederick Gowland Hopkins, has now been issued (Economic Advisory Council. Report of Committee on Cattle Diseases. London: H.M. Stationery Office. 2s. 6d. net). In the first part, the production and distribution of milk and their relation to cattle diseases and public health are considered. The second part is devoted to a discussion of possible lines of administrative development. In part 3 the Committee's various recommendations are set out in detail, and these with the principal conclusions are summarised in part 4. Owing to the ravages of disease, the useful life of a dairy cow, instead of extending over eight or nine lactations, averages only about 4J years, the principal diseases causing this wastage being contagious abortion, tuberculosis, mastitis and Johne's disease.

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