Inland Water Survey


    SIR HILTON YOUNG, the Minister of Health, who was accompanied by representatives of the various Departments concerned, received a deputation on July 17 from the British Association and the Institution of Civil Engineers. The deputation was introduced, in the unavoidable absence of Sir James Jeans, by Sir Henry Maybury, and there were present Sir Percy Douglas, Sir Richard Redmayne, Prof. P. G. H. Boswell, Capt. H. McClean, Dr. Jeffcotib and Dr. O. J. R. Howarth. The object of the deputation was to invite the Government to give favourable consideration to the institution of a complete and systematic survey of the water resources of the country, a subject on which a Committee of the British Association has recently published a report. The deputation suggested that the existing records both of surface water, including river run-off, and of underground supplies are very incomplete. They urged that systematic records comparable with those of rainfall are much to be desired and that a national survey is necessary in order to obtain statistics of this nature. Sir Hilton Young in reply thanked the British Association and the Institution of Civil Engineers for the consideration which has been given to the matter and for the suggestions which have been made, and said that these suggestions will receive the most careful consideration of the Government. He said that sources of information are available through the Ministry of Health, the Geological Survey and the Catchment Boards; and he suggested that the progress which is to be desired in the collection of statistics might perhaps be achieved by improving the existing means of gauging the flow of rivers and by improvements in the method of collecting and presenting returns.

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