Second Occurrence of the Whale-Shark (Rhineodon typus) in South Africa


IN April 1828 the first known specimen of the whale-shark was harpooned in Table Bay, and was described by Dr. Andrew Smith. Since then no other specimen had been reported from South African waters until one came ashore at Easter this year. It was found stranded on the sands at Kommetje Bay (on the west side of the Cape Peninsula) on April 2, but unfortunately was not reported to the Museum until three weeks later. The total length was 20 feet. Most of the skin of the upper half of the body, and also the head and fins were saved, from which it will be possible to investigate certain anatomical features which hitherto have been unknown or in need of verification. A description of these will appear later in the Annals of this Museum.

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BARNARD, K. Second Occurrence of the Whale-Shark (Rhineodon typus) in South Africa. Nature 134, 66 (1934).

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