An Introduction to the Biochemistry of Nitrogen Conservation


SEVERAL years ago Dr. Fowler wrote a small book on some aspects of biochemistry of interest to civil engineers, medical officers of health and those engaged in tropical agriculture. The present volume is based on the earlier publication and includes the substances of lectures delivered at Patna University. Following a chapter on elementary biochemical technique, the author deals with the problem of nitrogen conservation with which he has been so closely identified in England and in India. The greater part of the book is newthe activated sludge process of sewage purifications developed by the author and his associates at Manchester was still unknown in 1911. This process is the greatest advance in general methods of sewage disposal which the twentieth century has yet produced.

An Introduction to the Biochemistry of Nitrogen Conservation.

By Dr. Gilbert J. Fowler. Pp. viii + 280. (London: Edward Arnold and Co., 1934.) 12s. 6d. net.


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