German Association of Men of Science and Physician


    THE German Association of Men of Science and Physicians will hold its ninety-third meeting in Hanover on September 16-20. The invitation to meet in Hanover is now of more than twenty year's standing. It was accepted at the Vienna meeting of 1913 and planned for the next year, 1914. Since then, the Association has held its centenary in Leipzig in 1922, and has travelled south and west and north and east to Innsbruck, Diisseldorf, Hamburg, Konigsberg and west again to Wiesbaden and Mainz. Hanover is easily accessible by land and air. This is the first meeting under the new constitution and an impressive proclamation of German science is desired. Public dinners are to be minimised, but exhibitions and excursions are planned. An associate's ticket costs 20 gold marks, application to be made to Geschaftstelle G.D.N.A., Leipzig, C.I, Gustav-Adolfstr. 12. A detailed programme is available showing the general addresses and combined sessions, also the 37 separate sections and some twenty allied associations. The Zweckverband provides a brief directory of more than thirty German scientific societies. The exhibition dedicated to “Deutsches Volk—Deutsche Arbeit” is to give a picture of the history of the German race, with emphasis on heredity, genetics and eugenics, and also on chemistry as a domaiii in which intellectual leadership is fundamental for industry. The local secretaries will be at Hanover, Technische Hochschule, Welfengarben 1. Among the distinguished men- who are already announced as likely to be present are Prof. W. Heisenberg, Dr. Eckener and Dr. Sven Hedin.

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