Health of the Navy during 1932


    IN the “Statistical Report of the Health of the Navy for the Year 1932”, recently issued (London: H.M. Stationery Office. 2s. Qd. net), the Medical Director-General of the Navy, Sir R. St. G. S. Bond, states that in a force of 83,285, the total number of cases of disease and injury was 39,284, equivalent to a ratio of 471-68 per thousand, an increase of 6′12 in comparison with the five year's average, and a decrease of 19-82 in relation to 1931. Only four cases of typhoid fever and eight cases of paratyphoid fever occurred during the year. Fifteen cases of undulant fever were returned, of which twelve were from the Mediterranean Station. Venereal diseases have declined in number, the fresh admissions totalling 4,638 as compared with 4,962 in 1931. Details are given of some of the cases of interest that have occurred, and of research work.

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