Dr. Robert J. D. Graham


    THE newly elected professor of botany in the University of St. Andrews, Dr. Robert J. D. Graham, is a native of Perth. He was a student in the University of St. Andrews at University College, Dundee, and at the United College. He graduated at St. Andrews in arts and science and held at the University a Carnegie research scholarship in botany. He spent eleven years in the Indian Agricultural Service, where he did important administrative work as economic botanist to the Government of the Central Provinces in organising botanical study, plant-breeding, etc., in these Provinces. He was granted the degree of D.Sc. by the University of St. Andrews for a thesis on “The Economic and Systematic Botany of the Central Provinces, India”. During the War he served in Mesopotamia and was released from military service in 1920 with the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel. When, in the following year, he retired from the Indian Service, he was appointed to a post in the Botany Department of the University of Edinburgh and he has been attached to that Department until now under the late Sir Isaac Bayley Balfour and Sir William Wright Smith. He has had an extensive and varied experience in the teaching of students of botany. A long series of contributions to botanical science stands to his name in the transactions of botanical societies and journals as well as in the Government publications of India and Mesopotamia. The practical aspect of his work in relation to the propagation of plants and the combating of plant-diseases in India, in Mesopotamia, and in Great Britain has been widely recognised.

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