The Pasteur Institute of Southern India, Coonoor


    THE annual report of the Director, Major K. R. K. lyengar, of this anti-rabic Institute for the year 1932 has recently been issued. Patients treated at the Institute numbered 566, with 4 deaths, a mortality rate of 0-7 per cent. In addition, the anti-rabic vaccine is now issued to 107 centres in the Madras Presidency and elsewhere, and at these 8,452 persons are reported to have received a complete course of treatment, among whom were 34 deaths, a mortality rate of 04 per cent. Semple's carbolised sheep vaccine was used throughout the year, and 144,900 doses of this vaccine were issued; in addition to the human patients, 194 animals were also treated. No record of research work appears in this report.

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