Solar Physics Observatory, Cambridge


    THE annual report of the Director of the Solar Physics Observatory at Cambridge shows that a satisfactory state of progress obtains at that institution (University of Cambridge: Solar Physics Observatory. Twenty-first Annual Report of the Director of the Solar Physics Observatory to the Solar Physics Committee, 1932 August 1-1933 July 31. Pp. 3). The 3-ft. reflector is at last being put to regular use, and as a spectrograph will be obtained for it in the near future, we may look forward to a notable addition to the somewhat slender amount of stellar spectroscopy carried out in Great Britain. The Solar Physics Observatory has recently acquired additional solar apparatus inrthe form of a fine train of prisms by Hilger. There is now a good collection of spectrographs at the Observatory. As in past years, a number of physicists from the Cavendish Laboratory have gone out on the Madingley Road and worked at the Observatory.

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