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    WE have received from Messrs. Wightman Mountain, Ltd., of Artillery House, Victoria Street, Westminster, some samples of graph paper. These are of considerable interest as exhibiting the great range and variety of papers now produced in England. Of squared papers alone, Messrs. Wightman Mountain list more than 250 sizes and styles, some with ruled and others with engraved lines. A wide range of logarithmic papers includes, for example, sheets covering the ranges 7-400 and 1-10,000. Profile paper is specially- ruled for making longitudinal sections of railways, roads, etc. Other varieties of graph paper include permille paper (arithmetic probability), square-law, polar, isocandle, triangular and isometric papers. A new paper is one ruled in tenths of an inch one way and in inches and twelfths the other. The increasing demand for the graphical presentation of commercial data has led to the publication of a number of data sheets, including daily, weekly and monthly progress sheets. Even a holiday chart is not lacking. To furnish some idea of the papers available, the firm is offering for half a crown a special sample packet of 58 different data sheets.

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