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    SIXTY years ago mechanical refrigeration was just coming into existence, and yet to-day it is an essential part of everyday life, not only in its well-known application to the transport and storage (including domestic storage) of perishable foodstuffs, but also in many of the industries upon which Great Britain depends. Of its lesser-known uses mention may be made of the manufacture of bread, biscuits, chocolate, margarine, artificial silk stockings and cinematograph films, the brewing of beer, the curing of bacon, the refining of oil and the sinking of mine shafts and wells. These are a few of about three hundred industries in which its use is either essential or in which it improves the quality of the product. With the object of illustrating the part played by refrigeration, and of showing the public the principles on which the several types of machines operate, a special exhibition has been arranged at the Science Museum, South Kensington, and will remain open until the end of August. It consists mainly of models, working exhibits and demonstrations. The exhibits have been supplied by the manufacturers and users of refrigerating machinery and the Museum has had the wholehearted co-operation of the British Association of Refrigeration, the National Physical Laboratory and the Low Temperature Research Station. A small Handbook has been prepared and will be on sale at the price of Qd. (by post Id.): copies may also be obtained from H.M. Stationery Office. Anyone who is interested in the subject may obtain from this Handbook in a concise form an idea of the modern science and practice of mechanical refrigeration: the handbook also contains a brief outline of its historical development. In addition, a bibliography on refrigeration has been prepared in the Science Museum Library and will also be on sale.

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