The Hon. John Collier


    THE death of the Hon. John Collier on April 11 at the great age of eighty-four years recalls his signal services to men of science in the art of portraiture. The National Portrait Gallery possesses the popular and appealing canvas of Darwin, standing, clad in a cloak, holding his hat in the left hand, and looking straight towards the spectator. Here, too, may be seen Collier's representations of Huxley, Sir Michael Foster, Sir William Huggins, and W. K. Clifford, mathematician, physicist and philosopher. The Royal Society is especially fortunate in examples of Collier's faithful portrayal of a select circle of men of science. In its gallery are portraits of James P. Joule, William Spottiswoode, Sir Joseph Hooker and Sir William Huggins, while Sir Michael Foster is included, in replica. A portrait of the late Prof. S. H. Vines hangs in the rooms of the Linnean Society.

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