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    THE latest available issue of the Journal of the A Marine Biological Association contains many valuable memoirs, being records of research undertaken chiefly at the Plymouth Marine Laboratory but also at the Scottish Marine Station, Millport, the Port Erin Marine Station, Isle of Man, and the Dove Marine Laboratory, Cullercoats, Northumberland. The whole is admirably planned and emphasises the fact that oceanography in its broadest sense is the object of all the work done in these laboratories, that is to say, the study of the sea and its contents both animate and inanimate and of all factors which influence these, centring round the fish itself. It is impossible nowadays to separate pure science from the practical side, or to say that any matter connected with the sea is irrelevant to its study, and we find these researches carried on in the marine laboratories of Great Britain tend more and more to fit into one another and show realprogress in general knowledge of the interpretations of marine phenomena.

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