Prof. S. H. Vines, F.R.S


    OUR Oxford correspondent writes: “The tenure of the Sherardian professorship of botany by the late Sydney Howard Vines, F.R.S., which lasted from 1888 until 1919, was marked by a notable development in the activity and usefulness of the botanical department of the University. The studies of this department, associated in former years with the names of Morison, Sherard, Dillenius, Sibthorp and Daubeny, to which a quickening stimulus had already been applied by the vigorous personality of Sir Isaac Bayley Balfour, were by Prof. Vines advanced to a high degree of efficiency; and the results of the energy which he brought to bear on the duties of his office are still apparent in the flourishing condition of the department of which Prof. A. G. Tansley, F.R.S., is the present head. The memory of Vines will live in Oxford as that of one whose outstanding ability and social charm made a deep and enduring impression on all his contemporaries.”

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