“Discovery” Report on Foraminifera of South Georgia


    A CORRESPONDENT, Mr. M. E. Challen, has directed our attention to the fact that in Mr. A. Earland's report on the Foraminifera of South Georgia (Discovery Reports, 7, 27-138; 1933), a new species (No. 158) Bigenerina minutissima is recorded from two stations, WS 199, WS 472, not included in the chart. Mr. Earland informs us that the species in question was not found in the South Georgia area, and that its inclusion was an error observed too late for correction in proof. The two stations, WS 199, WS 472, are in the deep water of the Scotia Sea, within the area covered by his forthcoming report on Antarctic Foraminifera. References to them have also crept into the South Georgia report under Ammobaculites agglutinans (No. 116), Ammomarginu-lina ensis (No. 122) and Clavulina communis (No. 165), but are of less importance as these species were found elsewhere in the South Georgia area. Protozoologists may be glad to rectify these errors in their copies of the report.

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